12 PACK 8oz bottle - CBD Infused Cold Brew Espresso - Case, 12 bottles

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"For many people, that first cup of coffee in the morning makes a good day ... great!"  - Jimmy Java

Jimmy's Java Balanced Chill is that perfect blend of premium coffee beans, hand roasted, that are then gently cold brewed over 24 hours and infused with the optimum amount of CBD isolate (no THC whatsoever) to deliver your great cup of coffee.

What makes Jimmy's CBD Cold Brew the Best in the World?

*   Patented Cold Brew Process (USPO Patent 10104900)

*   Purest and most Potent water soluble Cannabidiol available      (Certificate of Analysis)

Rich, bold, satisfying Jimmy's Java CBD Cold Brew Balanced Chill will help relive anxiety, pain and decrease inflammation, but most of all?

Balanced Chill makes you ... happy.

0 Calories

The world's best cold brew espresso infused with the finest water soluble CBD (20mg per 8z serving)