Selling Jimmy's Chill Products

So, you want to make money selling Jimmy's Java CBD infused Coffee Products?

Cool.  Depending on your wishes, skills and goals, we have a program that will benefit you immediately.   Great margins if you are a retailer and strong commissions should you choose to go the Jimmy's Partner route.  Whichever you choose, Jimmy has a plan that will help you reach your goals!


Do you currently have a physical, Brick & Mortar location?  Great, you are perfect for our drop-ship Mega Case of Jimmy's Balanced Chill.  Each case contains 36 8oz bottles shipped directly to your store.  Cases cost $150 each and shipping is ALWAYS included.  Makes it way easier to figure margins.  A typical ROI:

                                 Mega Case      $99=$4.125 ea
                                 MSRP                         $7.50 ea
                                 Profit                           $3.36 ea  (45%)

                                 Gross/Mega Case       $70

Signing up is easy, drop us an email to: and we will send you a link to our signup system; easy-peasy!



You're friendly and have great social media posts; awesome!  You've built up quite a following and we can help you monetize it with a great product.   To get started all you have to do is send an email to: with your social media site and we will send you a link to signup and order your sample 6 pack of Jimmy's CBD Infused Balanced Chill.