How much THC is Too Much?

I don't like THC.  I think that most (if not all) of the negative effects of cannabis can be laid at THC's doorstep.  I also think that the folks who agitate for recreational marijuana are the ones with the most incentive to continue to couple the 'good' CBD (and it's 100+ 'entourage' cannabinoids) with the psycodestructive THC.

THC is a Schedule 1 drug according to the DEA; it should, at best, be moved to Schedule II.  As a Schedule I, THC is considered to have ZERO medicinal benefit.  And while the science is still lacking, I challenge ANYONE to show documented positive effects from THC.

Now, the negative effects?  Legion.  The recent increase in violent crime in Colorado by 'habitual users' of THC heavy cannabis is irrefutable.  The peer reviewed, documented effects of THC in exacerbating schizophrenia has been well documented.  

So, how much THC is too much?


Cannabis is fat soluble.  That means even legal amounts of THC (.3%) will, over time build up in the body's fat cells.  Where it can be detected in random drug tests.  Do you REALLY want to have that conversation with HR?

So, any THC is too much.  

Show me real proof?  I'll moderate my position.

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