CBD in coffee - how do you control dosing?

I've been asked by many people why Jimmy's Java doesn't offer ground (or whole bean) coffee infused with CBD?  We've looked into it, extensively, but are not impressed with the total lack of dosing control that is not available through just adding CBD to ground coffee.  Sure, there are no studies that we know of that show that one can overdose on CBD, and we feel that an ounce of prevention by accurately controlling dosing is the Good Practice.  

Why can't dosing in bulk ground coffee not be controlled?  Well, how many tbls do YOU use when making coffee?  Is your CBD Coffee supplier just using an oil soluble CBD or the more expensive water soluble?  In the end, we are all looking for purity and efficacy in our daily CBD consumption.

Our first entry in the CBD Coffee arena was a carefully controlled marriage of 20mg of water soluble CBD Isolate (more on the different types of CBD offered in a future blog) with a measured amount of our patented Cold Brew Espresso (8oz).  This allows for accurate dosing by our customers.  The offset of the relaxing effects of CBD by 150+mg of naturally occurring caffeine in our Cold Brew brings about a feeling of ... well, happiness!

The next method of dosing control we use is to add our CBD Isolate to Nitrogen infused cans of Cold Brew.  These should be available in July 2019.  Basically the same delivery of CBD (20mg) with the added seductive mouth feel of nitrogen.  Yum, just gets better!

But, what about hot coffee?  Many of us just need that habit of a hot coffee beverage every morning and don't want to have to compromise between habit and health.  We've come up with the answer; Jimmy's Balanced Chill K-Cups.  These will allow accurate dosing down to the cup level with 10mg of Water Soluble CBD in every cup (we are only using half the CBD because of the lower caffeine level in regular brewed coffee).  Now, many of you will recall that Jimmy and Ric have been against K-Cups because they don't completely convey the artisanal  coffee experience that IS Jimmy's Java.  A little education goes a long way and we have found that the production techniques for modern K-Cups goes a long way to preserving the flavor we all love.  Nitrogen packed with precise dosing makes a darn good cup of coffee.

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