What do you mean by Patented Cold Brew?

All of our CBD Infused Balanced Chill Cold Brew is based on Jimmy's Patented (USPO 10104900) Cold Brew Espresso.  Five years in the making, our Cold Brew is simply, the best in the world (even before the addition of CBD!).  Our process starts with pure water (RO with minerals added back) and a proprietary blend of coffees from around the world.  All of this is 'mechanically percolated' for a full 24 hours in order to extract all of the flavor and caffeine from the ground beans.

The entire process takes place in an air conditioned processing lab (temp 63 degrees).  We nitro can or bottle depending on customer's taste.

Sold throughout Florida, it can also be ordered, online (Virtual Local), from our sister site Jimmy's Java.

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